Tightening Your Skin with Lasers Instead of Surgery

Tightening Your Skin with Lasers Instead of Surgery

A lot of you have written me about ways to tighten loose skin. As someone who has fluctuated in weight quite a bit, I know how embarrassing it can feel when your skin isn’t as tight as it used to be. There are so many ways to correct this. The most obvious may seem like surgery. However, before you allow a surgeon access to your skin, you might want to consider a simpler option. One option is a laser skin tightening procedure.

Why Surgery is Not Always the Best Way to Get Tighter Skin

Surgery can be a great way to correct sagging skin quickly, but it also has several down sides. One negative aspect of surgery is the potential risks, particularly anesthesia-related risks. Another issue is the high price tag associated with correcting sagging skin surgically. You also need to understand that surgery is a major undertaking in terms of time spent. Preparations before the procedure, admittance for the surgery itself and recovery time must all factor in when you are deciding whether or not to have surgery.

None of those factors apply to laser skin tightening. You do not need anesthesia or admittance to the hospital. Today’s clinical cosmetic-laser tools are quick and efficient. They also rarely cause side effects requiring you to alter your lifestyle. You can complete an entire session from start to finish in less than 60 minutes, in the vast majority of cases. Although, large areas can take a bit longer to treat. In any case, it is an outpatient, single-day procedure.

How a Laser Tightens Loose Skin

To learn how a laser tightens loose skin, you first need a crash course in collagen production. Collagen is one of the most essential substances for keeping your skin tight. The good news is your body makes its own. The bad news is it naturally makes less and less as you get older. In addition, the collagen that is already made can easily be damaged or destroyed.

When you go to your local clinic for a laser skin tightening session, the laser can help you in two distinct ways. First, it can help the collagen you already have work more efficiently. That is because the heat of the laser helps collagen molecules tighten up and become more attracted to each other through constriction. Second, the laser actually causes your body to respond as if to a minor attack. It does that by ramping up production of new collagen to hold your skin cells more tightly together.

How Quickly Laser Skin Tightening Results Occur

It is important to understand laser skin tightening is not as quick a fix as surgery. Some results may be visible fairly quickly, but most results will take time to become apparent. That is because the laser skin tightening procedure is all about encouraging your body to begin correcting its own collagen deficiency. That process takes time. In fact, your skin may heal itself over a period of weeks. Additionally, you may find you need multiple laser skin tightening sessions before the repairs are as pronounced as you would like.

Skin Tightening Acceptable Locations and Expectations

You may wonder if the area of your body that requires skin tightening affects your laser treatment candidacy. The answer is typically no. Lasers are so versatile they can treat skin on all sorts of areas. Popular locales include the face and abdomen. However, you can also have treatments performed on your legs, arms or other areas.

The limitation of laser treatment for skin tightening is less about the area to be treated and more about how long you wait to seek treatment. You may expect a laser to be able to reverse skin sags at any stage, but that is not the case. Severely sagging skin is only surgically correctable. Lasers have limits in terms of how useful they can be. Therefore, it is imperative to visit your local skincare clinic as soon as you notice a problem. Doing so will leave you with many more treatment options, including laser correction.

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