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7 Tips For Staying Focused With Work

7 Tips For Staying Focused With Work

Staying focused and prioritizing is something I get tons of questions about via Instagram. Funny enough, I’m writing this post with my brain all over the freaking place. Cue in me losing my laptop charger, my Gucci eye glasses and spilling coffee all over my white T before 1pm today. I never claim to have it all figured out, because I don’t. No need to front. I currently have 7 tabs open and am switching between working and online shopping.

Bloggers: they’re just like us! 

If you’re feeling out of focus or don’t know how to prioritize, I got you. I use these tips on myself so I know they work:

  1. To-Do Lists. I LOVE crossing things off. When you have a whole list of things to do and you get to cross even the smallest task off, it makes you feel way more accomplished. Sometimes lists can be overwhelming so make sure you add some some easy tasks to start you off. That way, when you cross things off, you get a little momentum. 
  2. Get yourself in the right state of mind. If my mind isn’t right, nothing else is. Clear mind, clear life. Obviously today I don’t have a clear mind, which is why my day has gone haywire. This year I really made it a priority to get my mind right. I meditate, work out at least 3-4 days per week, take baths almost every night, and spend time ALONE. Having time for myself allows me to decompress and focus on me for a little. 
  3. Time blocking. I learned this skill from working in my parents’ office. Time blocking means that from x time to x time I am working on _____ without checking my phone or answering emails. I literally block everything out until I am done with the task at hand. No distractions. Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential also swears by this. 
  4. Work smarter, not harder. I can’t stand it when people ask me for things that are easily Google’d or could be solved if they went to the source instead of having me be the middle man. What a waste of time. Do not call me to ask me to call someone if you have their number. GO STRAIGHT TO THE SOURCE. You can run any type of business for this to apply to you. If you train your brain to think that time = money, I promise you’ll move different. 
  5. Work based on urgency and/or deadlines. Have no clue where to start on your to-do list? Start with what is the most urgent. For me today, it’s blogging. I’m not going to hit my other items until all blogging is handled. Some of our tasks can wait and are not urgent (i.e: “just checking in” emails, engaging with your followers for the day, etc). 
  6. Surround yourself with people who hold you accountable. If your crew isn’t challenging you to be on top of your sh*t, then wtf are they doing really? If I can’t keep myself focused, I can always rely on my friends to check me. Shout out to my real ones.
  7. Don’t let the NO’s keep you from moving forward. I’m someone that loves to prove people wrong so when I get a “no,” it’s like clockwork. Sometimes it can get me down, but most of the time it’s my motivation to keep going. I understand not everyone’s egos are at stake like mine (honesty at its finest, ya’ll), and that a “no” can really set some of you back. You have to flip the script in your head and change the narrative to “this setback is only going to set me UP for something better.”

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