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The Top 5 Fast Food French Fries Ranked!

The Top 5 Fast Food French Fries Ranked!

When your bio is “Peace, Love & French Fries” across all platforms, #NationalFrenchFryDay is a real holiday.

As a self proclaimed French fry connoisseur, I take my fries very seriously. As in, I rarely go to places that don’t serve fries as they clearly cannot be trusted.

With tons of people always asking me where they should go to get the best of the best (and not realizing that is a LOADED question, no pun intended), I decided to narrow it down to the top 5 fast food chains.

Obviously, I had the list in my head before I even hit the drive-thrus up, but I called on two of my fellow foodies, Sali & Amanda, to make it a real experience. Each fast food “restaurant” has its own specialty fry and style.

fries 5

What factors went into my rankings? In order: how the fries tasted both hot and cold, the drive-thru situation, and price.

In case anyone was wondering, there was not one fry left uneaten. Real girls can EAT. This was seriously one of the best nights ever.

Without further adieu, the top 5 fast food French fries in order from greatest to least!

fries 2

1. McDonald’s

Price: $1.79 for a medium

Pair with: chicken nuggets

Okay, is anyone surprised that the yellow arches scored as my number 1? There is NOTHING like McDonald’s French fries. Not only do they taste good with every dipping sauce offered, but there is something nostalgic that goes along with rolling up to McD’s. It reminds me of my childhood, and let’s face it, nostalgia is trendy right now.

2. In-N-Out Animal Style Fries With Chopped Chillies

Price: $3.40

Pair with: regular hamburger – animal style (protein style if you want to cut carbs)

As a true California girl, I have to give In-N-Out my #2 spot. Packed with cheese, thousand island sauce, grilled onions -and if you like spicy food, chopped chillies – this flavor jammed concoction might as well be a full meal. Not the healthiest meal, but it’s enough to fill you up. The fries on their own would rank towards the bottom of the list, but since we are are doing the “specialty” at each fast food restaurant,  I had to rank it high. The only downside is that the drive-thru is always super crowded (at least in Westwood, CA).

3. Jack in the Box Curly Fries

Price: $2.29 for a medium

Pair with: chicken strips or tacos

Curly fries are the sh*t. To be honest, I had a hard time deciding between J in the B and In-N-Out for #2 because they are both SO good. After discussing it (for real), we realized the curly fries just were not as good cold as In-N-Out was.

4. Burger King

Price: $2.19

Pair with: original chicken sandwich

While BK has “chicken fries,” I wasn’t very down with the fact they weren’t potato-based, so we went with their regular fries. They were good. Just good. They were served pretty hot. No complaints here, I just wasn’t feeling like, “oh I’m going to go here over other fast food chains.” Make sense?

5. Carl’s Jr. CrissCut Fries

Price: $2.49

Pair with: the $6 burger

First things first, I don’t know if it’s because living in LA is just more expensive in general, but our order cost us over $4. The rest of America gets the above price, apparently. Whatever, that’s not even the point. I was so excited to get my hands on the CrissCut, a Carl’s Jr. specialty, only to find that they give you like 5 of them and they’re not even crispy the way they used to be. They’re still good, but you don’t get bang for your buck here and they just were not enough for me to rank it anything other than #5.

fries 4

What is your top 5? Am I a little out of control with this list? Maybe. Holler down below and let me know your rankings!

Still in a food coma,


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  • Eimear Zone says:

    Oh Nic Shake Shack fries have got to be on your list! I used to live in Miami and became addicted there. None in my current state…What’s that about New Mexico?! On a recent road-trip through California I made a point of stopping at every Shake Shack I came within 20 miles of lol!

    • Nic Mora says:

      We don’t have a Shake Shack in LA that has a drive-through! Our first one JUST opened without one! I have heard amazing things though and have to try it! I also love Whataburger in Texas!

  • Val Uchendu says:

    I’m going for In-N-Out. Although MickeyD is just sooo convenient and more accessible.

  • Shannon says:

    NIC- this HAS to be my favourite post yet, esp since you are THE expert. I gotta admit though, I’m an In-N-Out fan tried and true…. though I will do naughty things for waffle fries. Chick-fil-a where u at!? xx Shannon ||

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