Top Reasons To Treat Yourself More Often

Top Reasons To Treat Yourself More Often

Surprisingly many people feel guilty about treating themselves. Unfortunately, we are often programmed to feel like we need to be busy to be successful, and that downtime is seen as a failure because you’re taking your foot off the peddle. Stop right there! If this is something you feel often, then you might need to relook at things. Taking time out and having the odd day to yourself is totally natural. Plus, you’re not a robot. You’re not programmed to be at everyone’s beck and call 24/7 so stop acting like it!

Ensuring you have time to recharge is essential for both physical and mental health. Burn out is real, and for people that have a busy lifestyle, this can happen often. So how can you change things to start focussing on you? Let’s start by looking at the reasons why treating yourself is good for you. Then once you have that down, you can move onto scheduling in ‘me time’. 

So take a look at the top reasons that can help you take back some time for self-care.

Mood Enhancing

If you’ve ever been in a low mood, ignoring the issue can make it snowball. By taking some time to treat yourself, not surprisingly, it’s a natural mood booster. The reason for this perk in your mood is usually due to doing something a little different to your routine and feeling a slight buzz of enjoyment from the experience. This natural buzz lifts your spirits and gives you brain and body a refresh before going back to your daily commitments. Doing things you love makes you happy, it’s quite simple really. 

Recharges The Batteries

Busy lifestyles and regular commitments can take their toll. If you find you’re running around like a headless chicken and haven’t been able to book an appointment with your hairdresser or beauty therapist, take a breather and get it scheduled in. Taking the time to pamper yourself to make you feel back to normal again is the perfect confidence boost. Booking a hair removal treatment at Proper Puss is a great way to make you feel great about your body. You could also book into a local beauty salon to try a soothing massage or facial to relax and recharge. 

Improves Motivation

Low moods can contribute to a decrease in motivation which can rub off in both home and work life. There’s nothing worse than dreading the day ahead. So if you don’t take time to reward yourself for the little things, this can affect your motivation to do your best in any situation. Even just a few minutes here or there, taking yourself away from what you’re doing can help realign your thoughts and feelings. Of course, it’s not always possible to treat yourself every day, but making goals and scheduling some time to reevaluate will help improve your motivation which may lead to a happy and healthy outlook. 

Reduces Stress

Stress is a significant contributor to a lack of motivation, low mood and lack of energy. It’s natural to have slumps every now and then, but if they become a common occurrence, it could affect not only you but also others around you. Making time for self-care is essential to turn these periods of stress into constructive insights. Looking at the effect of a task or situation has on, you can help you see past the stressful elements of it and focus on the solutions. However, if you don’t make time to recharge or treat yourself, you won’t have the energy to transform your mindset. Stress can have adverse effects on both body and mind, so it’s best to tackle the issues and work through the problems to help you overcome any barriers. 

It’s ok to put yourself first

We can often get bogged with looking after the interests of others before our own. So now’s a great time to take some time for yourself. It’s actually ok to schedule in some self-care whether that’s booking a hair appointment, popping out for coffee with friends or just sitting with a good book for half an hour. Whatever your idea of heaven is, then schedule it in. 

This small snippet of time can have lots of benefits for your mental and physical health. Plus once you start doing it, your friends and family will appreciate they might need to invest in some ‘me time’ too. It’s natural to feel like you need to be involved with lots of things all the time, but experiencing some JOMO (the joy of missing out) might help you indulge in some important self-care to improve your outlook on life.

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