How A Simple Webinar Could Save Your eLearning Business

How A Simple Webinar Could Save Your eLearning Business

eLearning companies have got it tough. Not only do they need to market their products online, just like everyone else, but they also have to convince people that they are a genuine authority in their respective fields. That’s not easy, especially if they are new. 

Webinars, however, might be the solution. New research indicates that they are a popular and powerful tool that helps startups and established firms gain paying clients. 

But what is a webinar, exactly? And how are eLearning companies using them?

Essentially, a webinar is a video conference between a rep from the eLearning company and potential clients. Most webinars take the form of a relaxed forum, where the representative explains to their audience the services that they offer and why they are important. It’s not necessarily a sales pitch: more often than not, executives don’t understand the benefits of enrolling their employees in an educational program. The eLearning company needs to explain this. 

Webinars are also a chance for new companies in the space to give prospective clients a method for getting to know them better. Most managers will want to spend time with the people behind the outfit before they place a large order. After all, who educates their people is one of the most important decisions that they make. 

The benefits of using webinars to promote eLearning businesses are substantial but don’t just take my word for it. Check out the following infographic. It shows who attends webinars on eLearning, how many conversions they make, which topics they cover, and more.


Check out The Complete Webinar Marketing Infographic For eLearning Companies

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